Complete Plant Lifecycle Engineering

Process Plant Design - from CIP to Accessways

At JWCI we firmly believe that new technology and a wealth of experience work hand in hand to provide the best outcomes and our experienced engineers develop innovative and efficient processes to give your process plant a competitive edge and trouble-free manufacturing. We provide process design for most applications ranging from a basic client brief to a complex Functional Design Specification.

We design using off-the-shelf components, entirely bespoke products and systems, or a combination of both to suit your process plant and budget. We provide cost effective process design at competitive rates and manufacture in-house to perfectly meet customers’ unique manufacturing processes.

3D Site Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning & Plant Digitisation

One of the latest tools we use is 3D Laser Scanning. 3D Laser Scanning (and 3D Mapping) is the non-intrusive process by which a 360 laser scanner is used to capture real world data of a site at multiple locations. This data is collated to produce a ‘point cloud’ data set of the site, giving extremely accurate data with a tolerance of less than 2mm.

This data can be used for various scenarios for both 3D applications and 2D plans to provide time and cost savings to process plant, from asset mapping to plant change proposals and more. Laser Scanning is not only quicker and more accurate than traditional measurement techniques, there are safety benefits too, where difficult to access or hazardous areas can be scanned from a safe distance. 3D Laser Scanning is also a great way to simply digitise your plant for health and safety, compliance, or maintenance map purposes.

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CAD Visual

CAD Design

Our team of CAD designers undertake a variety of tasks for your process plant. We create full technical plans, working drawings and plans of existing site processes plus detailed drawings for proposed changes and systems. These are essential for understanding each project, for health and safety, and legal compliance on-site.

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CIP Systems

CIP Systems

Process Plant Clean In Place systems designed and built to your process requirements. We offer all types of Centralised Wash Down Systems. Low pressure systems, medium pressure systems and high-pressure systems are available, or a combination of pressures can be accommodated by one pumping unit.

We understand the importance of easy, reliable hygiene solutions within the Dairy, F&B and other speciality industries, so can advise you on the best type of equipment to use. We Where there is not a suitable “off-the-shelf” solution, we will design, build, and install bespoke hygienic cleaning systems to suit.
We will also design and manufacture bespoke pressure cleaning systems to suit a customer’s requirement. These range from single wall mounted machine to larger multi-pump units for multiuser wash down requirements.

We also place great importance on after sales service arrangements. This can be by means of a ‘pay-as-you-receive’ service plan, to a full annual maintenance plan, where one fee covers both service and breakdown visits.

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Tracked Racking

Mobile & Tracked Racking

Where storage is an issue JWCI have the ideal solution, designed, and built to your requirements. We understand the importance of environments within the Dairy industry, so can advise you on the best type of equipment to use, where there is not a suitable “off the shelf” solution we, design, build and install bespoke racking systems to suit your individual needs.
Storage can be a problem for many businesses and can even prevent further growth. By increasing space and using existing space more efficiently you can produce, store and ultimately, sell more product.
We are tried and tested within the Dairy Industry and can supply full hygienic tracked racking systems designed, manufactured, and installed by JWCI. Our systems are easily moved by just one operative and remove trip hazards for a safer working environment. We can also supply high quality mobile racking.

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Accessways, Tanks & Vessels

We are a highly skilled, professional steelwork contractor and our experience in process plant means we can offer advice and products to fit your demands. In process plant accuracy is critical and we pride ourselves on being able to exceed expectations in not only our customer service, but also our high-quality, innovative design solutions.

We can design a range of structural steel including accessways and gantry, along with mixing vessels and tanks at dimensions to work with your existing facility ensuring the most cost-effective solutions.

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