Manufacturing for Process Plant Facility

Pipework, Tanks, Vessels and more

At the fore of our in-house manufacturing process are precision and quality. Accuracy is critical in manufacturing and we pride ourselves on being able to exceed client expectations in not only our customer service, but also our high-quality manufacturing and installations.

We are CE Certified and can produce a diverse range of process and plant equipment at our modern manufacturing facility in Staffordshire. This allows us to undertake projects that other companies may outsource, giving us a competitive edge on price, timescale and quality. We use only the best equipment and strive to stay ahead of technology in our production methods and all our systems can be sized, designed, and built to suit your exact needs right here in the UK.

Northwich Ecolab Process Plant
Tracked Racking

Mobile & Tracked Racking

Where storage is an issue JWCI have the ideal solution, mobile or tracked racking, designed, and built to your requirements. We understand environments within the Dairy industry, so can advise on the best type of equipment, where there is not a suitable off-the-shelf solution we, design, build and install bespoke racking systems to suit your facility.
Don’t let storage be a problem and prevent further growth. By increasing space and using existing space more efficiently you can produce, store and ultimately, sell more product. We are tried and tested across industries and can supply everything from a single static racking system to full hygienic tracked or mobile racking systems.

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Northwich Ecolab Process Plant

Vessells, Vats and Tanks

Accuracy is critical and we pride ourselves on being able to exceed client expectations in not only our customer service approach, but also our high quality installations. We are CE Certified, ISO 9001 accredited and hold many more certifications to always offer the best to our clients.

We produce a diverse range of processing and plant equipment at our large modern manufacturing facility in Staffordshire which allows us to undertake projects that other companies may outsource, which we believe gives us a competitive edge. Examples of which are:

  • Cheese Racks
  • Vessels
  • Vats
  • Pasteurisers
  • Packing Equipment.
Dairy industry Pasteuriser


Pasteurisation, an established process over a century old is recognised as to ensuring milk’s safety, here at JWCI Limited we have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assist with the supply, installation and service of the correct pasteuriser to suit your process requirement, from Batch pasteurisers ranging from 50L up to 1000L.

We will find the most efficient pasteurisation system for your requirements and can offer a complete service from design, to installation and beyond meaning we can keep control of timescales, quality and budgets.

Pump Set Air Conditioner

Cooling Systems

We understand the importance of environments across industries and can advise you on the best type of cooling equipment to use for your facility and we design, manufacture and install bespoke cooling systems to exactly suit your individual needs.

We supply bespoke single or double coolers which can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted to minimise required space and are fully hygienic and easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Systems can be fully automated and we work with select electric partners to provide a complete service to our customers from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance.

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Plant Hygiene

Centralised Cleaning Systems

Both low pressure systems, medium pressure systems and high pressure systems are available or a combination of pressures can be accommodated by one pumping unit.
The correct cleaning pressure for each cleaning task can be determined by using our free factory survey. This will ensure that you get the most energy efficient, cost effective cleaning system for your factory.
We also place great importance on after sales service arrangements. This can be by means of a “pay as you receive” service plan, to a fully paid up annual maintenance plan, where one fee covers both service and breakdown visits.

Process pipework


We offer a complete menu of process piping services, from small repair jobs to complete mechanical and process installations.

Installing process pipe work is a skill that relies as much on the design as the capability of the welder. Whether the medium is water, food products or chemical, the calibre of the design, the welder, the weld procedure and the materials of construction are all critical to producing a fit for purpose weld that will ensure microbiologically sound welds internally as well as being visually presentable externally. We have our manufacturing and site team regularly tested to various code of practice and all our pipework, including a humble drain, is purge welded to ensure we consistently deliver to an exacting standard. When the pipework must be rated for pressure and temperature, we always perform a pressure test to 1.5 times the working pressure for an agreed period before we hand over the system to the client.

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Eco-conscious Engineering

Over more than 20 years, we have developed a leading position and have a reputation for delivering work of the highest standard that provides reliable and efficient process manufacturing for our customers. Throughout our design and production methods we employ strategies to minimise waste, extend process plant life and help protect our environment.

Choose JWCI for Quality stainless steel work from design to manufacture

We’re proud of our long-held ethos that all our staff are fully, and continually, trained and monitored to ensure the highest quality in all our manufactured stainless-steel products. All of our coded welders are experienced in the safe delivery of the rigorous high standards essential in the F&B industry. Our quality services range from plant design and installation to process pipe-work including steam systems and CE approved general fabrication.

Accurate Cutting

We offer a range of precision cutting for client’s requirements using our CNC waterjet cutter suitable for numerous materials at our inhouse manufacturing site. Waterjet cutting provides a highly accurate, high quality cut finish for a wide range of materials including stainless and mild steel, plastics, iron, copper, glass, aluminium, acrylics and more. This cutting method is perfectly suited to commercial applications including the manufacture of new process parts of standard or bespoke design, replacement, or upgrades in material for existing parts, factory or office signage, stainless steel logo graphics, grills, safety guards, railings, gates and more. Using the latest cutters for accurate, high-quality output we provide numerous products for delivery throughout the UK. We provide on demand manufacturing and can fabricate small or large parts bespoke to your needs and budget.

The benefits of Waterjet Cutting compared to traditional cutting methods:

  • Cut difficult materials including stone, metal, and marble.
  • High precision with tolerances of less than 0.1mm
  • More cost effective with less waste and fast turnaround
  • Can cut up to 200mm thick (aluminium)
  • Cold cutting ensures no unsightly heat affected zones (HAZ)
  • Cut highly complex shapes easily
  • Eco-friendly with no toxic fumes or discharge created
  • High quality finish with no distortion, melting or warping
  • Cut a maximum size of 1500mm x 3000mm, with a depth of 200mm, depending on the material.

When you need a part cutting with high precision to a bespoke design in almost any material we can help and always offer competitive prices, guaranteed.

Design and Manufacture

We offer a bespoke design and cut service or can simply cut from your own supplied DXF or DWG files giving you complete control of the output and budget. For help or advice, please don’t hesitate to ask and our specialist technicians will discuss your project with you.
Prices for stainless steel precision cutting is based on the material you wish to use and the size needed to produce your design. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and we’ll be able to give you a very competitive price, and always exceptional service no matter the size if your job.

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