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We offer a range of process plant site services to clients including 3D Scanning, CIP mapping, upgrade and maintenance advice and more. Our team are highly skilled, and experts in their field allowing us to offer solutions others may not at cost-effective pricing.

We offer free site visits to help assess and advise on suitability for products and services, simply call us to arrange.

Site Services
Process pipework

Free Site Visits

Experts in our field we offer free, no obligation site visits to help you understand ways to improve, extend or enhance your process plant. From refurbishing tanks to updating CIP systems or remapping pipework, our highly experienced team can help guide you.

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3D Site Laser Scanning

3D Site Scanning

One of the latest tools we use is 3D Laser Scanning. 3D Laser Scanning (and 3D Mapping) is the non-intrusive process by which a 360 laser scanner is used to capture real world data of a site at multiple locations. This data is collated to produce a ‘point cloud’ data set of the site, giving extremely accurate data with a tolerance of less than 2mm.

This data can be used for various scenarios for both 3D applications and 2D plans to provide time and cost savings to process plant, from asset mapping to plant change proposals and more. Laser Scanning is not only quicker and more accurate than traditional measurement techniques, there are safety benefits too, where difficult to access or hazardous areas can be scanned from a safe distance. 3D Laser Scanning is also a great way to simply digitise your plant for health and safety, compliance, or maintenance map purposes.

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CIP Mapping Report

CIP Mapping

CIP Mapping is essential for Process Plant as modifications to site services are made over time, factory drawings are rarely updated if they exist at all. This documentation is essential for plant maintenance, future project planning and for emergency services use should an incident occur. The competent person in charge of pipework systems (often the Engineering Manager) has a duty of care to provide all persons working on their site with up to date and accurate information relating to the systems that they will be working on, so current CIP Mapping is key.
JWCI Ltd not only map and record the existing equipment locations and pipework routes, we also offer continuous improvement recommendations in the form of interim reports as we progress our surveys which highlight areas of concern before they become an issue.

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Refurbished pipework

Plant Upgrades & Maintenance

At JWCI we believe in working closely with our customers from the beginning of each project right through to completion and beyond. After all, a satisfied customer is a returning customer and we’re pleased to say we have many of these as our client testimonials will show.
All plant requires regular maintenance to ensure a long life and quality of production. If something does go wrong, you need a company that you can depend upon to provide a quick response and who can diagnose problems quickly.
We provide maintenance and support to a diverse range of plant and can offer on-going support contracts. Where equipment is faulty, we can often offer refurbished replacement units on an exchange basis, recommend a replacement or repair on-site.

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JWCI Loader and Crane

Plant Decommission

If your process plant, section or equipment has reached the end of its life we provide a thorough plant decommissioning service. This includes removal of pipework, tanks and mixing vessels, electrical units, decommissioning of existing mixer tanks and management of crane lifts with accompanying health and safety documentation. As experts in the process industry, and with all necessary accreditations and health and safety regulations covered JWCI are your go-to engineers to safely and responsibly decommission process plant and equipment.


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Refurbished Filler

Process Plant Refurbishment

We understand it is not always feasible to install new equipment. For this reason we provide a process plant refurbishment service which will help improve and extend the lifespan on your plant until such time as new installations can be applied.

We can remove older equipment, refurbishing to improve efficiency, and refitting in plant as and where required. We refurbish a wide range of equipment which we can supply at lower prices, complete with a guarantee. Typical refurbished products we hold in stock include stainless steel tanks, carts, shelving, troughs, and other general stainless-steel vessels. Please ask for details on our refurbishment service or make use of our free site visits to assess suitability.

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Process Pipework

Pipework Installation

Innovative design and quality manufacturing of pipework
With an in-house staff of highly skilled process piping welders, fitters, and engineers, JWCI Ltd offers a complete menu of process piping services, from small repair jobs to complete mechanical and process installations. Our process piping team works seamlessly with our process design engineers, ensuring that the system function remains true throughout the installation process and initial startup. Our process piping professionals are more than just installers; they understand process systems and how every piece of sanitary tubing, every fitting, every weld, serves the overall system.

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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning of Process Plant


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