3D Laser Scanning of Process Plant

Digitise your Process Plant

3D Laser Scanning (and 3D Mapping) is the non-intrusive process by which a 360 laser scanner is used to capture real world data of a site at multiple locations. This data is then collated to produce a ‘point cloud’ data set of the full site, giving extremely accurate data with a tolerance of less than 2mm. This data is then used for various scenarios to provide, time and cost savings to process plant, from asset mapping to plant change proposals and more.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scan Technology

3D Laser Scanning is an effective method of rapidly capturing site information in highly precise detail. A precise point cloud dataset is a full digital record of your process plant architecture and assets, from which accurate measurements can be taken, and data used for 3D modelling visuals as well as standard 2D plans.

Laser Scanning is quicker and more accurate than traditional measurement techniques. There are safety benefits too, where difficult to access areas or hazardous areas can be scanned accurately from a safe distance.

Applications of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Quickly and accurately map existing process plant architecture, assets and pipework to create a ‘digital plant’ for permanent reference.
  • Comply with plant safety and legal requirements with mapping of plant assets for emergency services and maintenance teams
  • Reduce site visits as accurate details can be taken from scan data when required
  • Confined, hazardous or inaccessible areas can be safely surveyed
  • Scan data can be used to create 2D drawings including floor plans, elevations and maps of plant and pipework as well as interactive 3D visuals.
  • Imagery can be used in marketing material or proposals.
  • Digital planning minimises the risk of error for any proposed changes
  • 3D fly-through / walk-throughs of suggested plant amendments can be seen in real space.
  • We can reverse engineer assets from scan data to manufacture equipment to fit existing space – minimising disruption, while improving performance.­

Using 3D scanning data to upgrade process plant

We use the latest 3D technology to allow us to streamline the design and refit of process plant. The scan data we collect allows us to use real life information and imagery, combined with 3D modelling, to produce visuals of proposals in the ‘virtual space’ before manufacturing begins. Proposed plant changes can then be experienced in full and discussed – providing the best solutions, eliminating possible problems, and allowing for streamlining to suit your exact requirements. This not only saves time, but costs too.

Why use JWCI for 3D Laser Scanning

We have been working with process plant clients across Europe for over 20 years and have built up an enviable reputation in that time. We know process plant inside out, so understand the specific challenges and requirements your industry demands. Continually focussed on providing the best solutions we invest in the latest technology, training and equipment to ensure total success on each project from small process plant projects to large process plant builds and extensions.

We operate across industries with a particular specialism in 3D Laser Scanning for the Dairy, F&B and Chemical Industries. Using the latest 3D Laser Scanner Filler Clean System we create full or partial 3D Laser Scans of your Process Plant.

Why use JWCI for 3D Scanning of your Process Plant

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