a whirlwind 10 days in Northern Ireland

Installing a new stainless steel hygienic conveyor cleaning system

Every little helps as JWCI travels across to Belfast to install a new stainless steel hygienic conveyor cleaning system for the well known company Diageo (Manufacturer’s of Bailey’s Irish Cream) on behalf of ECOLAB GmBH.


A team of three experienced JWCI engineers set off in the early hours of a Wednesday morning so that they could arrive on site by Thursday for the site induction and setting up of a safe working environment. Later that day the team met with the customer to walk through their ideas of how they wanted the job installing ready for an early start Friday morning.

The JWCI team began work installing the pipe work and spray nozzles onto the conveyors knowing they had a restricted amount of time to get the job completed, within a couple of days the team realised that if they were to get this time consuming project completed to their usual high standards, and on time for commissioning, they would put in a few more hours and this is exactly what they did. This ensured the customer would not have any potentially costly down time on production.

By Friday night the team had fully installed the conveyor system meaning that Saturday morning ECOLAB could start commissioning the conveyor as planned. When ECOLAB commissioning engineers arrived on site the JWCI team walked them through the finished system and they were more than pleased with what we had achieved. The system was commissioned and with zero faults or issues the JWCI team had successfully achieved its goals of making both ECOLAB and Diageo very happy customers.

Customer satisfaction is the main aim of JWCI and once again they achieved this by working to their very high standards and using their expertise to get the job done under such high pressure.

ECOLAB’s Regional Engineering Manager of UK & IRELAND, Sean Dunne commented, “We are very happy. Professional guys – Lee, Tom and Dan were very good, delivering on time and high quality work”.

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