JWCI Ltd Process Engineers

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JWCI Ltd Process Engineers

Barlaston Road, Stoke-On-Trent ST3 4AL

01889 507177

Precision material cutting using Waterjet Technology

We offer a range of precision cutting using our CNC waterjet cutter suitable for numerous materials at our inhouse manufacturing facilities in Staffordshire. Using the latest waterjet cutter for accurate, high quality output we provide numerous products for delivery throughout the UK. At JWCI we provide on demand manufacturing and can fabricate small or large parts bespoke to your needs and budget.

The benefits of Waterjet Cutting compared to traditional cutting methods

  • Cut difficult materials including stone, metal and marble.
  • High precision with tolerances of less than 0.1mm
  • More cost effective with less waste and fast turnaround
  • Can cut up to 200mm thick (aluminium)
  • Cold cutting ensures no unsightly heat affected zones (HAZ)
  • Cut highly complex shapes easily
  • Eco-friendly with no toxic fumes or discharge created
  • High quality finish with no distortion, melting or warping
  • Cut a maximum size of 1500mm x 3000mm, with a depth of 200mm, depending on the material.

Applications for Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting provides a highly accurate, high quality cut finish for a wide range of materials including stainless and mild steel, plastics, iron, copper, glass, aluminium, acrylics and more.

This cutting method is perfectly suited to commercial applications including the manufacture of new process parts of standard or bespoke design, replacement, or upgrades in material for existing parts, factory or office signage, stainless steel logo graphics, grills, safety guards, railings, gates and more.

We also offer our cutting service to domestic customers for smaller jobs such as decorative homeware, house numbers, wall signs and similar projects.

When you need a part cutting with high precision to a bespoke design in almost any material we can help and always offer competitive prices, guaranteed.

Design and Manufacture

We offer a bespoke design and cut service, or can simply cut from your own supplied DXF or DWG files giving you complete control of the output and budget. For help or advice, please don’t hesitate to ask and our specialist technicians will discuss your project with you.

How much does waterjet cutting cost?

Prices are based on the material you wish to use and the size needed to produce your design. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and we’ll be able to give you a very competitive price, and always exceptional service no matter the size if your job.

waterjet cutter
Complex shapes and high accuracy using waterjet cutting techniques.
waterjet cutter in action

If you are interested in our CNC Waterjet Cutting service and Stainless Steel and aluminium manufacturing or, would like to find out more about any of our services then please call us on 01889 507177.