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Hygienic Cooling Systems

We understand the importance of environments within the Food industry, so can advise you on the best type of cooling equipment to use. We design, manufacture and install bespoke cooling systems to suit your individual needs.

As standard we offer:

  •  Free site visits to assess your needs  
  •  Designed, manufactured & installed to your requirements     
  •  Fast, efficient installations by our experienced site team
  •  Full after sales service & maintenance package

We have worked within the food industry for many years and can help advise on the best solution for your needs. Systems can be sized, designed and built to suit your needs – all in the UK using high quality materials.
We supply JLC single or double coolers which can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted to minimise required space and are fully hygienic and easy to dismantle for cleaning. 
Systems can be fully automated and we work with LivEarth Electrical Contractors to provide a complete service to our customers from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance.
Please call us to discuss your requirments further.

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JWCI Centralised Cleaning Systems Overview

Centralised Cleaning systems designed and built to your requirements. We understand the importance of hygiene within the food industry, so can advise you on the best type of equipment to use, where there is not a suitable “off the shelf” solution we, design, build and install bespoke hygienic cleaning systems.

As standard we offer:

  • Free site visits to assess your needs 
  • Designed & installed to meet your production demand
  • Up to 30 users on one system
  • Pipe work & equipment installed & commissioned

Hygiene Cleaning Systems

JWCI will also design and manufacture bespoke pressure cleaning systems to suit a customer’s requirement.
These range from single wall mounted machine to larger multi-pump units for multi user wash down requirements. 
Larger water wash down requirements usually consist of a multi-pump which will be more energy efficient especially where there is a requirement for one or two operators most of the working day but at the end of a shift the cleaning is more intense requiring many more operators using the system simultaneously. This can be an efficient method to provide hot pressurized water via a ring main system to various points around a factory.
All of our central pressure systems can be used to apply foam chemicals and sanitizers, hot & cold water. For this we use a number of options ranging from a single foam venturi to a central chemical distribution system whereby the chemical is pumped to satellite dispensers installed in the factory. At these wash stations the foam and sanitizer can be selected and applied using the appropriate lance.

Types of Centralised Wash down systems

Both low pressure systems, medium pressure systems and high pressure systems are available or a combination of pressures can be accommodated by one pumping unit.
The correct cleaning pressure for each cleaning task can be determined by using our free factory survey. This will ensure that you get the most energy efficient, cost effective cleaning system for your factory.
We also place great importance on after sales service arrangements. This can be by means of a “pay as you receive” service plan, to a fully paid up annual maintenance plan, where one fee covers both service and breakdown visits.

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JWCI Ltd Process Engineers

COMPLETE SOLUTIONS: Design >>  Manufacture >>  Install >>  Manage 

JWCI Limited is a long established company, located in the heart of the UK with our Head Office in Cheadle and manufacturing facilities in Fole, Uttoxeter.
We design, construct and install processing equipment for a wide range of customers in the dairy, food, chemical and other process industries.

Along with the installation of plant and its associated pipe work we offer designing, fabricating and installation of staircases, walkways and other structural work.
The continued success of the company is based upon a strong commitment to our customers and to always deliver work to the highest standard.
We offer consultancy for design, supply and commissioning of complete plants or single items of equipment.
Our skilled engineers, technicians and fabricators have the expertise, resources and experience to ensure your process plant will deliver reliable and efficient manufacturing, and the installations are completed on time, within budget.
Our engineers can help develop innovative and efficient processes that will give you a competitive edge and provide years of trouble free manufacturing.
We utilise the latest technologies so you benefit from the knowledge we gain across many industries and applications.
We place our reputation on the quality of every job, large or small, ensuring your complete satisfaction.