3D Model of proposed walkway
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Global Ceramic Materials, based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, forms part of the Sonac division of Darling Ingredients International, a company with a history dating back over 175 years. As part of the world’s largest processor of natural calcium phosphate, Global is dedicated to providing the highest quality raw materials for the manufacture of fine bone china.

After recent plant renovations to aid production GCM required a new access walkway and other steelwork installations, and JWCI were awarded the contract with their full service offering and competitive pricing.

After a preliminary site visit for this project JWCI provided budget costs and returned to site on go ahead to create a 3D scan of the area. JWCI specialise in 3D Scanning (mapping) in the F&B and Chemical industries. Using the latest technology, the modern process of 3D Laser Scanning allows for extremely accurate recording of site, including any difficult, hazardous or inaccessible areas, and provides a huge time saving element with complex data being collected in a fraction of the time of a traditional techniques. This means site visits are shorter, more efficient and more data can be gathered for use through the entirety of the project including production of accurate 3D models of proposals in real-world visuals.

JWCI’s expertise in their field meant they were able to offer advice on the best solution for the area whilst remaining vigilant of budget or other constraints. JWCI proposed a simple access walkway, fitting flush and allowing for any wall features and utilised a spiral staircase in order to maximise space.

Using the 3D scanning data JWCI were able to produce accurate 3D models of the proposed installation ‘in-situ’ before any manufacturing had taken place. This allowed the client to visualise the walkway on their site, make amends if required, and all safe in the knowledge that the use of 3D scanning technology meant the proposed installation was designed with a tolerance of just 2mm for complete accuracy.

On final confirmation to build, JWCI then continued providing a turnkey service by manufacturing in-house at their dedicated site in Staffordshire, UK. All steel installations produced by JWCI are to CE 1090 regulations and manufacturing the complete project inhouse ensures JWCI keep tight control over budgets, timescale and critically, quality.

Spiral Access Way

The large facilities at JWCI’s Staffordshire site enabled a pre-installation build of a section of the gantry, before the steels were galvanized, to check if any further improvements could be implemented, and this also meant the team spent less time on site during final installation.

The manufacture of the access walkway and associated components was fast with all elements created in house and once manufacture was complete the JWCI team transported the large components to site and installed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to the client.


Client Stephen Clarke at GCM ltd said of JWCI
“From start to finish JWCI were a pleasure to work with. The use of 3D scanning and modelling of our site and proposed installations were incredibly helpful and really helped speed the project along. We were kept informed of progress at every stage and the team worked quickly and efficiently on-site with minimal disruption, very pleased.”


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